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God Save The Cream

Originally from England, no Afternoon Tea or scone is complete without the crown jewel...clotted cream.

Described as having the rich sweet flavour of heavy cream with a texture similar to butter, it has long been disputed whether clotted cream originated in Devon or Cornwall, and who makes it better!

There is evidence that the monks of Tavistock Abbey were making clotted cream in the early 14th century. After their abbey had been ransacked by Vikings in AD 997, the monks rebuilt it with the help of Ordulf, Earl of Devon. Local workers were drafted in to help with the repairs, and the monks rewarded them with bread, clotted cream, and strawberry preserves. The 1658 cook book "The Compleat Cook" had a recipe for "clouted cream".

When first opening Tilly's in 2015, it came as a shock to find there were no suppliers of clotted cream in the US. With such a tradition, steeped in both history and heritage, it was imperative to Tilly's Tea Room that every scone was served with authentic clotted cream. 

After embarking on the journey of finding the right locally sourced dairy suppliers, fine tuning production and fulfilling FDA requirements, Tilly's is proud to be the only supplier in the USA to offer fresh homemade clotted cream. 

Whether you have visited England and experienced a real "cream tea" or are looking to enjoy the most authentic tea party at home, our clotted cream is available in store and online, individually or as part of our gift sets.

* Currently we are only certified to ship clotted cream within Indiana. Please visit back with us as we are aiming to ship nationally very soon!

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